The first weekend of November signals one thing to me – pheasant hunting.

When I was a young girl, I remember my grandfather gearing up to go pheasant hunting. He generally wears Pendleton shirts with his Levis in the fall and winter time, and I remember him layering up to face the Wyoming wind. He loves to hunt pheasant. Honestly, he just loves to be outside in Wyoming; the fun of hunting is a bonus.

My grandma told me not to mention the time grandpa got shot in a field while pheasant hunting in the late 1960s...

My grandma also repeats the famous saying that "a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush."

That phrase has been bouncing around my head this morning as I have been continuing to watch the price of oil decline after finally recovering and hitting the $50 per barrel mark and as I have been reading everyone speculate about future prices.

As I am sure you are aware, oil prices plunged yesterday. According to the Nasdaq article entitled, "Is This the Most Bearish Oil Report of All Time?" prices fell following a buildup of crude oil inventories. Again. And OPEC speculation. Again.

As I write this article, according to Bloomberg Energy, WTI Crude is at $44.51 per barrel and Brent Crude is at $46.20 per barrel.

Prices like those make me wish I was sitting in a field with my grandpa wearing an orange hat or visiting with my grandma while she cooked up the birds he just brought home.

On that note, Wyoming pheasant seasons opens November 5.

Also, Colorado Pheasant hunters are said to be in for a banner year this year. According to The Denver Post, the 2016-2017 season opens statewide November 12th and surveys of the bird's population "looks better than good." In fact, the article reports that "[t]he pheasant population in northeast Colorado has really come on strong and should provide excellent hunting." Quail are also said to be good this year.

For more pheasant hunting nostalgia while trying to forget about oil prices and what future oil prices might be, see this article written by Bob Krumm for the Billings Gazette – "Wyoming Outdoors: Pheasant Hunting Brings Back Childhood Memories."

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