Today's episode is an encore presentation of our second installment in the Pioneers and Pathfinders Virtual Roundtable Series. Last week, we hosted a live discussion with panelists spanning legal technology investing, AI-powered software development, and legal insights and strategy consulting. Our guests—Jae Um, Founder and Executive Director at Six Parsecs; Tony Thai, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Engineer at HyperDraft, Inc.; Zach Posner, Co-Founder and Managing Director at The LegalTech Fund; and Byong Kim, Senior Director of Technology Innovations at Seyfarth—shared their insights on how legal organizations can understand and navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of legal AI providers and their transformative technologies.

Our panelists discussed the current and anticipated advancements in generative AI, strategic approaches regarding the impact of this technology, and their thoughts on how legal organizations can implement this technology successfully. Thank you to everyone who attended last week's session. And thank you to our listeners for joining us today.

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