James Sammataro, partner and co-chair of the Pryor Cashman's Media + Entertainment Group, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about settlement news in the recently publicized suit between actress Scarlett Johansson and Disney. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, both parties have released positive statements on the ongoing future of their relationships and projections for upcoming projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Johansson vs. Disney  marked the latest iteration of a profit-participation dispute that is all too common in Hollywood, with actors fighting studios over their backend compensation or the definition of "net profit." Very few of these battles percolate to the surface; they often come to a resolution before lawyers get involved, or the actor's contract contains an arbitration provision and the whole process remains confidential. [...]

"The exception is when there's so much money involved or if there's a level of acrimony that has reached a point of no return, and people are going to stand on principle," attorney James Sammataro tells  THR. "That statement by Disney confirmed the latter, but it still is a shocking statement to make - to paint someone as being insensitive and playing the whole, 'You're so out of touch' card. You could probably make the same argument about Disney; 'Yeah. You've been generating millions, if not billions, during the pandemic.'"

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