Pioneers and Pathfinders · Tony Thai

Tony Thai is an attorney, entrepreneur, and software engineer. He founded and serves as CEO and chief engineer of HyperDraft, a company which builds bespoke document automation software for law firms and legal departments. Prior to his legal career, Tony worked as an enterprise software engineer. An M&A venture capital attorney by training, his goal was always to build tech to disrupt the profession. To learn how lawyers practice and how the law is delivered, Tony practiced at some of the world's most prestigious law firms, as well as in-house at multiple technology companies. He was recently recognized as a Fastcase 50 honoree, and serves as an adjunct professor at USC Gould School of Law.

In today's conversation, we talk about why Tony embraces all the boring stuff nobody else wants to do; how a desire to understand how humans think led to his work in machine learning, software, and algorithms; and how HyperDraft is a culmination of every experience he has had.

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