We're joined today by Olga V. Mack. Olga is vice president and CEO of Parley Pro at LexisNexis. Parley Pro is a contract life cycle management platform that is pioneering online negotiation technology. Olga has dedicated her career to improving and shaping the future of law. She believes that by embracing technology, the legal profession will become stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive. Olga's TED talks are very popular, and she is an outspoken advocate for professional women. She founded the Women Serve on Boards movement that advocates for women to serve on corporate boards. In her spare time, she helps startups thrive and grow, serving as an advisory board member for a number of companies.

Listen in to today's conversation to learn more about why Olga thinks it's so important that the body of law be human centered and how to make it so, the role of technology in law as a service, and why a more transparent world demands more accessible contracts.

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