Over the past decade or so, the legal industry has expanded dramatically to include different kinds of providers, and no part of the industry has contributed to that growth more than the managed services sector. Today we're joined by Ed Sohn, a veteran of that segment of the industry. As with so many of our guests, Ed started out in Big Law—in this case, as an attorney with King & Spalding. A desire to see India led Ed to spend seven years as an executive with Pangea3, the company that pioneered legal managed services and that was acquired by Thomson Reuters. When Thomson Reuters sold Pangea3 to Ernst and Young, Ed moved to EY Law, where he led its global innovation and technology initiatives. Ed has since left EY Law and joined Factor, which is a spinoff of Axiom and is a unique player in the managed services sector. In his current role at Factor, he is responsible for the learning, development, and capacity of the more than 600 lawyers who call Factor home. Ed tells us that his goal is to advance change in the legal industry by delivering practical scale and quality through managed services.

Listen in to today's conversation to learn how key moments of reflection changed Ed's career path, how his personal interest in traveling India led to one of the most defining experiences of his career, and more about his belief that true innovation isn't about disaggregation or artificial intelligence—instead, it's about tapping into human potential.

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