Pioneers and Pathfinders · Noah Waisberg

For those conversant with the world of legal tech, today's guest needs no introduction...but we'll do it anyway. Noah Waisberg is a serial legal tech entrepreneur who is changing the way lawyers practice law. Most recently, he co-founded and became CEO of software company Zuva, which uses AI to extract the value out of documents and contracts within client businesses. Zuva, in turn, is a spinoff of Kira, which Noah co-founded and led as CEO from its start, through to its exit to Litera. Kira continues to be a leader in the contract analysis space, and is trusted by a majority of Am Law 100 law firms. Noah has received numerous honors for his work and is often featured in mainstream and legal media. Interestingly enough, he is also the author of the world's first children's book on machine learning, called Robbie the Robot Learns to Read, as well as AI for Lawyers, which is not for kids, but for adults, and is the definitive guide to AI in law practice.

In our conversation, we talked about how his experience as a corporate lawyer at a global law firm in New York City led to the founding of Kira, how and why he decided to skip business school and jump straight into business, and how a slow internet connection led to his biggest sales breakthrough.

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