Briefcase: Quarterly update on key real estate cases including:

  • Pandemic Clause Included in Business Lease Renewal
    A shopping centre lease renewal decision contains useful guidance on how the court will assess lease renewal terms in a post-COVID world.
  • Rent Payable During Covid Closures, Court Says
    Court sides with landlords saying rent is still due, even where businesses can't trade from the premises and landlords have pandemic insurance.
  • Company Restructures Sanctioned Despire Landlord Objections
    As tenants increasingly look to insolvency and restructuring options to stay afloat, landlods are paying a heavy price.
  • Councils Can Sue For Rates Where SPV Mitigation Schemes Used
    The Supreme Court held the Council had an arguable case that the rates were payable. Continued uncertainty about whether rates mitigation schemes work makes the case for reform even stronger.

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Originally published 5 July 2021

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