Legislatures, regulators and plaintiffs are increasingly focused on a broader range of PFAS chemicals, beyond PFOA and PFOS, in personal care products and consumer health products—despite the limited scientific evidence of these chemicals' effects, if any, on the environment or human health. As a result, many businesses are left wondering whether their products might contain any PFAS chemicals (as broadly defined by legislatures) or be susceptible to PFAS-based challenges, and how they can move forward without jeopardizing their product lines.

Please join us as we discuss the current landscape and what your business needs to know. We will discuss proposed federal legislation and newly enacted state legislation imposing strict requirements, as well as recent consumer product PFAS class action complaints and related litigation trends.

This is the first installment in our Insights for Personal and Consumer Health Products Companies: A Webinar Series, a series devoted to the unique legal issues facing companies in this sector.

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