The U.S. government will have its hands full in the second quarter of 2021. From President Biden's recently unveiled $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan meant to rebuild and reshape the economy to Congressional regulation of Big Tech companies, we're joined by U.S. government experts and lobbyists Elizabeth Frazee and Chani Wiggins to discuss some of the Federal, legislative, and judicial issues on the agenda.

Elizabeth Frazee is the Co-Founder and CEO of Twin Logic Strategies, a boutique government relations firm. Elizabeth was named a "Top Lobbyist" by The Hill newspaper and has a 30-year career in Washington that encompasses over a decade working in high-level jobs on Capitol Hill, executive experience at leading tech and entertainment companies and years of successful representation of companies, trade associations and non-profits as a policy advocate and political strategist.

Chani Wiggins has leveraged 16 years of federal government experience to assist clients with various policy interests in Congress and within the Administration. Since September 2010, Chani has represented clients with priorities in national security, telecommunications and technology, and energy policies. She also serves as a strategic advisor for the Government & Technology Services Coalition (GTSC), an organization of small and mid-sized company executives that develop and implement solutions for the federal homeland and national security sector.

What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • What is the Biden Administration hoping to accomplish with the proposed infrastructure package?
  • Where will the money to fund this trillion-dollar infrastructure plan come from?
  • How necessary are the suggested provisions in Biden's plan? Are some provisions too far-reaching?
  • What hesitations do Republicans have regarding this package?
  • Which industries stand to benefit from the infrastructure plan?
  • What are some recent developments in Congress regarding the regulation of big tech platforms?
  • Why is Congress considering passing legislation to regulate Big Tech companies as opposed to relying on enforcement of well-established laws?

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