According to reports, in a recently released privacy policy, Uniswap Labs revealed that it collects on-chain data from its users for the purpose of making improvements to its products. The company stated that this data includes "public on-chain data and limited off-chain data like device type, browser version, etc." but does not include personal data like names, street addresses, email addresses or IP addresses. In a blog post, Uniswap stated that it "does not share [] data with any third parties for marketing purposes" but uses data "to make data-driven decisions that improve user experiences."

Three days after Uniswap revealed its data collection policies, the developer of the MetaMask Ethereum wallet reportedly updated its privacy policy to begin tracking users' IP addresses and other data when they send a transaction. According to the updated privacy policy, the update applies to users who use Infura, an affiliate of ConsenSys, that functions as the default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider in all Metamask wallets. The privacy policy states that "when you use Infura as your default RPC provider in MetaMask, Infura will collect your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address when you send a transaction." According to reports, social media users reacted with displeasure at the privacy policy update, stating generally that the update "invade[s] a user's privacy – one of the core ethos of the crypto space."

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