Partner and Family Law Group co-chair Donald Lockhart Schuck discussed the intersection of family law and intellectual property with Bloomberg Law. Federal trademark and copyright laws supersede divorce laws, which can vary state by state. However, prenuptial agreements may override both. As it relates to the divorce proceedings between Nicole Young and Andre Young, a multimillionaire rapper and business mogul better known as Dr. Dre, Schuck tells Bloomberg Law:

"[I]n general, intellectual property can create situations "where you can have a colossal mess on your hands."

"Anyone who's getting married or going through a divorce has to be thinking 'I've got five manuscripts or five marks, they have value,' and it would be remiss for people to overlook them," he said. "When people are getting married, you have to realize these things have value. Everything has a value, whether it's your name or your sneakers."

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