Pryor Cashman Family Law Partners Judith Poller, Ronnie Schindel, and Donald Schuck have been ranked "Top Recommended" in the Family Lawyers category by the 2022 Spear's 500, which spotlights the top service providers for high net-worth individuals (HNWs).

Spear's says that Judith, who co-chairs the firm's Family Law Group, is "[t]he lawyer of choice for notable HNWs," citing her focus on the privacy needs of celebrity clients and her work for Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore, among others.

Ronnie, who also co-chairs the Family Law Group, is similarly lauded by Spear's: "His reputation as a 'formidable and skilled attorney' who 'works exceedingly hard for his clients' has afforded him a loyal clientele pool, many of which include prominent figures in the real estate, business and entertainment industries."

Spear's notes that Donald "represents a variety of private clients across the fields of finance, law, medicine, sports and politics. He is a seasoned operator in handling complex family law cases through trial and appeal processes and 'resolving complex financial issues and the most sensitive child custody, reproductive rights and support matters.'"

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