OFAC extended the expiration date for two Ukraine-related General Licenses. The new expiration date for both licenses is January 22, 2021.

General License No. 13O, which replaces General License 13N, permits certain transactions necessary to divest or transfer debt, equity or other holdings in GAZ Group, and holdings in entities in which GAZ Group owns an interest.

General License No. 15I, which replaces General License 15H, permits certain activities necessary to maintain or wind down operations or existing contracts with GAZ Group, as well as certain automotive safety and environmental activities.

Primary Sources

  1. OFAC Press Release: Amendment of Nicaragua Sanctions Regulations; Amendment of Ukraine-Related General Licenses
  2. OFAC (Ukraine) General License No. 13O: Authorizing Certain Transactions Necessary to Divest or Transfer Debt, Equity or Other Holdings in GAZ Group
  3. OFAC (Ukraine) General License No. 15I: Authorizing Certain Activities Necessary to Maintenance or Wind Down of Operations or Existing Contracts with GAZ Group, and Certain Automotive Safety and Environmental Activities

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