Do employees get paid when they work off the clock after the end of their scheduled shift?

  • What if an employee answers emails or text messages after work?
  • Do companies or employers have to pay employees for answering emails or text messages at home?
  • Do employers or companies have to pay for de minimis work time?
  • Do you have to pay exempt (salary) employees for working from home?
  • Do you have to pay non-exempt employees for working from home?
  • Do companies have to pay overtime for working from home?

These questions are answered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires that non-exempt employees be paid at least minimum wage (and possibly overtime) for all hours worked, regardless of where and when those hours are worked. Answers to these questions and many others at the federal level are contained in this episode of Employment Law After Hours. Always remember to check specific state laws regarding employee payments in your state. 

Originally posted on YouTube on March 14, 2022

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