There's plenty of material to cover when it comes to employment discrimination cases across the country, perhaps an overwhelming amount. But you still need someone to make it interesting, which is exactly what Fox Rothschild's Employment Discrimination Report does. Their willingness to barrel into the sea of employment issues and their passion for exploring the legal side comes through loud and clear.

Which is probably why the publication made its way into the ABA Journal's Blawg 100. And, continuing our series interviewing LexBlog Network members who made the Blawg 100, we spoke with the Employment Discrimination Report's Richard B. Cohen about what he gets out of blogging.

Why did you decide to start this blog/why did you start blogging?

I never heard of a blog until the marketing folks at my firm suggested I start one because I like to write and was, frankly, overwhelming them with articles to place. And although I am a commercial litigator, I have always been intrigued by employment discrimination issues and how they are directly on society's faultlines.

Why do you enjoy blogging? What's most rewarding?

There are always new cases and laws, as well as new political developments in the area, so there is no lack of interesting content to write and comment about. This makes writing about employment discrimination on virtually a daily basis fun and easy. Blogging gives me a chance to publish what I think is important and to give my views on a topic when I think some context and interpretation is needed.

Why do you think you made it on the Blawg 100? What sets you apart?

I think (hope) readers see that I enjoy doing it and therefore put passion into my posts.  When I finally learned that a blog was not a law review article, and therefore dry, legal prose was discouraged, I felt freed for the first time in a long legal career to write what I wanted to and to go where the ensuing discussion led me — and it led me far afield sometime, such as when I veered from obesity as a disability and posted a few times about obesity as a medical and health issue.  Garnered a lot of reader comments there!

What's the biggest challenge you have in blogging?

There were not many challenges that I faced once I "got it" about blogging — and it took some time.  Perhaps the one challenge which I can think of is to remember to "stay the course" and not backslide into footnote-laced, Latin-laden pieces which only bored lawyers might find interesting.

Why did you choose LexBlog to help you with blogging?

While I feel that it is the best platform for blogs, nonetheless I defer to firm blog experts who manage publication of our 40+ blogs!

One last shout out to the co-chair of our employment department.  Without her unwavering support, constant encouragement, and thoughtful and learned feedback, I might have had a limited blog run.

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