From the Edge: Insights on the Innovation Economy · In the Boardroom: Special Edition - Lessons from Theranos

Our In the Boardroom: Practical Advice and Guidance podcast series features insights from Mintz Members Steve Osborn, Melanie Levy, and Tom Burton on a wide variety of topics specific to boards. For decades, Steve, Melanie, and Tom have guided companies from inception to exit, and have encountered, navigated, and mitigated innumerable board-related issues. From their experiences, you can learn a great deal. Let's take a listen!

With the conviction and 11-year sentence for former CEO Elizabeth Holmes, the team looks at the lessons to be learned from Theranos. The team discusses (1) the importance of open communication between board members and executives, (2) fostering a culture of compliance, and (3) tips for picking up on the early-warning signs.

We hope you enjoy listening. And stay tuned for our next session.

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