Into the Breach is the first law firm podcast exclusively devoted to reps and warranties insurance and the transactional risk markets. Hosted by Seyfarth partners Bryan M. O'Keefe and Gena B. Usenheimer, the hosts in their unique, buoyant style, interview leaders from the industry, and explore the latest developments, market trends, and news impacting RWI and transactional risk insurance.

Episode 20: Transitioning from M&A Counsel to RWI Underwriter: An Interview with Heith Rodman, Berkley Transactional

Continuing with our "career theme," Bryan and Gena are joined by Heith Rodman, Vice-President and Transactional Risk Underwriter at Berkley Transactional, for a discussion on making the career jump from M&A counsel at an international law firm to transactional risk underwriter at Berkley.

Topics discussed included:

  • Heith's background as a long-time M&A attorney at Jones Day in Atlanta
  • Why Heith made the transition from M&A attorney to transactional risk underwriter
  • The biggest differences between working as M&A counsel and underwriting RWI
  • The information deficiency that transactional risk underwriters face
  • The aspects of the RWI process that matter most to M&A attorneys
  • Heith's career advice for other M&A attorneys that are interested in joining the RWI industry
  • How many times Heith has visited the Coca-Cola museum

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