We are thrilled to highlight Adgile Media Group in this month's edition of MintzTech Connect.

Adgile Media Group is reinventing out-of-home (OOH) advertising. As the leading data-driven truck-side advertising company, Adgile partners with last-mile delivery companies that have vehicles traveling in the most populated urban areas across the top 25 US markets. Adgile wraps these vehicles on behalf of brands that desire real-world advertising, turning them into highly effective mobile billboards.

With just shy of 100,000 units of inventory under management across the nation's top 50 markets, Adgile and its ecosystem of partners have achieved quick success, capturing market share in an industry that is red-hot in the wake of iOS14.5's impact on the advertising community.

"The long-neglected OOH channel is finally being thrust into the digital age with Adgile," said Max Flannery, co-founder and president of Adgile. "By reinventing the classic out-of-home approach, we're providing brands with an advertising format that greatly exceeds the ROI of the traditional players in the industry."

To take things one step further, Adgile's data platform tracks anonymous mobile phone locations to determine how many people saw the advertisement, the demographic of that audience, and what action, if any, the audience took after exposure to the ad – for example, visits to the advertiser's website or its brick and mortar store, online purchases, and mobile phone application downloads.

"Now we can track the effectiveness of OOH with statistical rigor. Our customers have been thrilled with the substantial reduction in customer acquisition cost that has resulted from their Adgile campaigns. To performance marketers, it's clear that OOH needs to be a part of any modern-day performance marketing conversation," said Tom Shea, co-founder and COO of Adgile.

Adgile has a 90% customer renewal rate with online-based consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. When asked why they remain loyal to the Adgile platform, companies expressed that it is because the audience is unaware that Adgile campaigns are paid advertisements. While a billboard is clearly a paid ad, a wrapped truck looks as if the vehicle is delivering that brand's product. This gives advertisers employing Adgile campaigns the perception of being larger and more credible than they are in reality.

Adgile's leadership team includes senior executives with deep roots in advertising, tech, OOH, trucking, finance, and marketing, including Adgile's CMO Marc S. Strachan, former CCO at Publicis-Sapient, and Adgile's CEO Mitchell Gordon, former global head of Transportation Investment Banking at Salomon Smith Barney and former CEO of Edition Logistics Management.

"Adgile has the right team in place to build the future of out-of-home advertising," said Brian Spaly from Brand Foundry Ventures, who recently joined the board. "Adgile is taking the lead in combining the digital and physical worlds of advertising, and we're proud to partner with them."

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