Milbank Global Project, Energy and Infrastructure Finance partner Allan Marks moderated the panel "Future of Airports - Climate Change Impact on Aviation & Airport Infrastructure" at the 2021 Infraday Airport Summit.


Mr. Marks and the other speakers on his panel from the City of San Jose, Austin Energy Green Building, Miami Dade County Office of Sustainability, and Indianapolis Airport Authority discussed the following topics:

  • Airports' heightened focus on resilience and sustainability
  • Impacts of extreme weather events and new climate regulations on airports
  • Integration of both resilience and sustainability into airports' strategy, culture and expansion plans.
  • Climate change risks, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and policies to boost operating efficiency, mitigation and adaptation
  • Innovative technology, including renewable jet fuel, improved landside connectivity and carbon-capture in runways, to reduce climate impacts

The summit took place on June 29, 2021 and featured 300+ airport and airline executives in discussions of the future of airport infrastructure in the United States.

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