New York-based Antitrust partners Saul Morgenstern and Jennifer Patterson (with former partner Terri Mazur) have published "Antitrust Jurisprudence in the Second Circuit" in Volume 85 of the Fordham Law Review, a special issue honoring the 125th anniversary of the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals.

The article examines how the Second Circuit has led the way both in developing the nation's antitrust jurisprudence and in being willing to examine marketplace conduct. The article also highlights the importance of this area of the law to our national economy.

Associates Alice Huling (NY) and Cara Spencer (DC), along with 2015 summer associates Erin Iannotti and Maurica John, made valuable contributions to the article.

The Fordham Law Review is the seventh most cited law review in cases and the ninth most cited law review in other journals.

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