Earlier this week, one of the United States' largest multinational package delivery and supply chain management firms reportedly made the first blockchain-verified shipment of beef from the U.S. to Japan with the help of a leading agri-tech solutions firm. The two firms will reportedly continue to work together to deliver tracking and traceability technology that improves quality assurance for beef products being shipped internationally. The package delivery firm created a customized, integrated visibility tool that plugs into the agri-tech firm's blockchain technology to offer live updates throughout the journey. The package delivery firm's customs brokers also coordinated with health, food and safety regulators in both the U.S. and Japan to obtain all required certifications that promoted accurate customs compliance, timely clearance of goods, and reduced risk of delays or penalties. Late last week, another leading global package delivery firm announced plans to pilot a blockchain-based invoice system for one-off, noncontractual shipments. The pilot will be developed in conjunction with a leading global information technology firm.

According to recent reports, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is working with a Canadian blockchain firm, Mavennet, to build a cross-border, blockchain-based platform for tracking and tracing oil. To build this platform, Mavennet will retrofit its existing oil tracking platforms and build a proof-of-concept demo for use by the Customs and Border Protection branch of DHS at the Canadian border. In other recent international news, a Singaporean firm reportedly launched its blockchain-based wine marketplace for consumers across the Asia-Pacific region. The marketplace allows customers to purchase premium wines using a secure, blockchain-based platform with digital tokens that trace the provenance, quality and authenticity of new and vintage wines, ultimately eliminating layers of intermediaries and improving efficiency. The firm's wine marketplace is supported by a leading professional services firm's blockchain platform.

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