This week, the members of the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI), an organization with members that include several major firms across a diverse set of industries, announced the publication of the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) v1.0. According to the TTI, the TTF is intended to be a set of industry standards for building token-based systems that can "interoperate across the multiple and disparate systems that make up a typical enterprise infrastructure." In a related development, according to a report this week, a major U.S.-based global technology firm, and member of the TTI, is testing a "mint" that will enable the creation of blockchain tokens that meet the standards of the TTF.

Several blockchain pilots announced advancements this week. According to reports, a major U.S.-based food and beverage company is expanding its blockchain pilot for tracking bottled drinks in its supply chain from two to 70 manufacturers. In another development, a Sweden-based automobile manufacturer has reportedly joined the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network (RSBN), "a blockchain network committed to strengthening human rights and environmental protection in mineral supply chains." The auto manufacturer reportedly intends to trace the cobalt used in its batteries using blockchain technology.

In Peru, a major Peruvian grocery chain has reportedly announced a pilot project to trace the provenance of various meat products using blockchain. Finally, in a press release this week, a major global charity organization "announced the success of the first season of their blockchain-based delivery of microinsurance to smallholder paddy field farmers in Sri Lanka."

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