Dan Ujczo (Of Counsel and Cross Border (Canada - U.S.) Practice Group Chair, Columbus) discussed recent developments in the ratification process of the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal with the Toronto Star and the National Post. Congressional Democrats and labour unions have bickered with Mexico over labour rights and the agreement’s treatment of steel and aluminum, but a breakthrough has followed Mexico’s acceptance of several U.S. demands related to North American steel. Negotiations are ongoing, however, related to aluminum.

“At this stage of the game, all eyes are on where organized labour is on Mexico’s newest proposals,” Dan told the National Post. “If they agree, it’s likely House (of Representatives) Democrats will sign off on this.”

And they appear to have done so. On the morning of December 10, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s announced that her Democratic caucus had reached an agreement with President Donald Trump on the ratification of the USMCA. Her revelation, which came merely an hour after her formal unveiling of articles of impeachment against the president, is seen as a signal that the deal will likely be resolved by the Senate early next year. Those who may call this a win for the president should take a closer look, however, according to Dan.

“This will not be Trump’s deal. If she gets what she wants out of this, you know, out of these negotiations, it’s a Democrat deal,” he told the Toronto Star.

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