Association of European Trade Mark Proprietors

The Effective Network for Owners

MARQUES is the only organisation in Europe for trade mark owners which represents their interests on all trade mark questions. Other associations in the field are either geographically limited (to the EEC, for example), specific to a sector of industry (food, pharmaceuticals), specialise in the practitioner interest or have trade marks as a subsidiary interest (food and drink or branded goods and manufacturers).

MARQUES is a unique forum and effective international network through which members can discuss and debate trade mark issues and where direct relationships with other trade mark owners can be fostered. Through MARQUES, disputes between owners can be rapidly resolved and often without recourse to legal action.

MARQUES ensures that the practical views and interests of its members are well represented at national and supra-national levels so that legislation and regulations take account of these interests.

MARQUES represents all trade mark owners - small and large - irrespective of the number of trade marks owned or the size of the company.

MARQUES is well equipped to respond fast to membership needs and to manage emerging issues effectively.

MARQUES is funded entirely by membership subscriptions, donations and the proceeds of its activities and services.

MARQUES offers Special Membership to trade mark practitioners.


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