In order to obtain the authority to administer an estate, the executor must obtain a Grant of Probate from the Probate Registry. A public record is created fourteen days after Probate has been granted.

You can check whether Probate has been granted for any Will belonging to anyone who died in England or Wales after 1857 by visiting the website and entering the deceased's surname and year of death.

If the record is available, you can order a copy of the Probate record (including the Will if there is one) for a fee of £1.50.

If your loved one passed away within the last six months and you are unsure whether Probate has been granted yet, you can request to receive a copy of the Probate record when it is granted. This is called a 'standing search'.

You can apply for a standing search by submitting Form PA1S. There is a fee of £10.

Please see the link here for Form PA1S.

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