Globalisation is expanding in many directions, not just in the commercial sector, individuals also recognise the benefits of a global portfolio.  It is becoming increasingly common for British nationals to hold real estate and other assets overseas, particularly in Spain, Italy and Portugal.   In a progressively more regulated environment, individuals require advice and assistance from lawyers with in-depth sector knowledge and experience of the issues which they will face. 

The complex problems that arise in cross-border wealth management require legal skills and a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory, jurisdictional and practical issues which surround the sector.  Giambrone & Partners has been advising clients for over 15 years with cutting-edge solutions and strategic advice across Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Tunisia from our offices in these locations, we do not rely on strategic partnerships with external law firms.

Gonzalo Butori, a partner based between the London and  Barcelona office, provides assistance to clients with assets of one or two properties in Europe to high net worth individuals (HNWI) with large high-value portfolios with both tangible assets and funds requiring complex solutions and strategic advice across a range of jurisdictions.  Gonzalo is an Abogado, a Spanish-qualified lawyer, as well as admitted in England & Wales as a Registered Foreign Lawyer (RFL) and also an Avvocato Stabilito in Italy. Additionally he speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently, removing the potential for misunderstandings due to language issues.  Gonzalo is particularly noted for his expertise and exceptional ability in managing complex cross-border issues and is well-regarded by his clients for his overall competence and pragmatic sound advice.

Gonzalo is frequently invited to speak at various events, most recently being at the Arab Chamber of Commerce on UK investment in Tunisia as part of a speaker programme that included His Excellency Ambassador Nabil Ben Khedher and Baroness Symons.  Gonzalo was also invited to comment in the Telegraph and the Daily Mail on his areas of expertise.

Gonzalo Butori commented "the trends for 2022 predict increasing regulation, which must be keenly monitored to avoid breaches; whilst volatility is highly likely to be seen, the overall view remains positive with the feeling that the risk of recession will not materialise.  One of the key factors that must be considered is the demand for non-financial factors such as  Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to be factored into the growth opportunity equation." Gonzalo further commented "we are able to provide advice incorporating these increasingly significant issues  which are ignored at your peril.  Sustainability and climate change are factors that must be considered to keep ahead."

Closely linked with wealth management is succession planning, a key factor for anyone that has overseas assets, particularly as, frequently, blended families include stepchildren, half-siblings and second spouses and they are important to consider.  As well as the changing circumstances within the wider family as a consequence of divorce or bereavement, resulting in you no longer wishing to benefit an individual such as the former spouse of your adult child or recognising that you do not wish the heir of a deceased relative to inherit part of your estate.  Ensuring that a will is all-encompassing, valid and completely up-to-date is of vital importance.  The range of issues involved in some circumstances can be complex and involved, requiring expert legal expertise to navigate through a range of jurisdictions to provide an up-to-date cast-iron will that has no risk of being challenged.

Gonzalo and his team are experienced in recognising the need for an adjustment and updating you will to match your current circumstances and ensure that your assets are disposed of in accordance with your wishes

Gonzalo's clients' commented:

 "Gonzalo Butori is a highly competent professional. I highly recommend him. He explained all the complexities in clear understandable language. I have no hesitation in recommending him"  VPS

"I was extremely pleased with the advice Gonzalo provided. His helpful friendly manner made a difficult situation more bearable. My entire experience with Giambrone & Partners was excellent"  AR

"I wish I have received the assistance of Gonzalo Butori at the beginning of my legal issue, everything would have been dealt with much faster and would have been less stressful"  SN

Gonzalo can offer legal expertise advising on a range of legal issues involving overseas wealth management and sheltering your assets.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.