Further to our e-update "Community Trade Mark Registration Price Cut", the Intellectual Property Office have announced further changes to fees for trade marks and patents, which will be effective from 6 April 2010.  

This restructuring of fees will see some costs go up, but some will come down; thus innovation, the IPO argues, will remain a priority!

The reorganisation of fees will see increases to search, examination and renewal costs for patents, however larger discounts are put in place for applications filed online (an increase on the discount from £10 to £20).  A new fee of £350 to enable patent procedures to be carried on if they have been challenged, will also be introduced. 

Commenting on the introduction of these fee changes, and the fact that an initial proposal saw higher patent fees, the Minister of State for Higher Education and Intellectual Property stated: "We are committed to providing a well-functioning IP system that supports and encourages innovative business in the UK and helps them to protect their IP effectively".

Overall, it is intended that the benefits provided by the IPO will be maintained through their new fee structure and using the e-filing system is strongly encouraged, with advantages including increased speed and efficiency as well as a reduction in paper use!

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