The PSA (the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill) is, following an internal review, proposing to change its registration requirements.

It is proposing to:

  • require all parties to submit enhanced organisation information, including self-identification as to their operations as a Network and/or Level 1 provider and/or Level 2 provider (although the PSA reserve the right to decide this under 5.3.8 (c) of the Code); and
  • require all Level 2 providers to submit detailed information about each individual service they provide.

To date, the PSA has requested registration information to be provided through two online forms:

  • Organisation Details; and
  • My Number Checker (Register Premium Rate Numbers/Who else is involved with the numbers/More Voluntary Information).

The PSA's intention is to completely redesign the online submission of registration information, with the aim of ensuring all relevant fields are presented clearly and with ease of completion.

The plan is for the new registration requirements to come into force from 1 April 2018, i.e. the start of the new financial year, to allow for full year-on-year market analysis.

It is proposing a transition period of three months (i.e. to 30 June 2018) to ensure that organisations have sufficient time and notice to:

  • renew their registration under the new requirements; or
  • update their existing registration to meet the new requirements.

A new Registration form will be designed and made available. All information fields will be mandatory where relevant.

The PSA is consulting to ensure:

  • It has fully identified all relevant information it will need; and
  • the additional information it is requesting is not unreasonable.

The deadline for responding to the consultation is 9 February 2018. To access the consultation, click here.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.