The Welsh Football Association (‘WFA') has recently announced that they will implement an equal pay policy for both men's and women's football teams.

This will apply to professional contracts at club and academy level, as well as performance-related pay. This comes at a time with women's football is growing in popularity and recognition, but often undervalued in terms of pay and resources. The changes will help to create a more level playing field for both genders and is a huge step forward for the representation of women in sport.

The WFA has stated that they will provide equal opportunities for both genders in terms of resources – such as marketing and media exposure.

The men's team agreed to a 25% pay cut to enable a 25% rise for the women's team, thus ensuring parity when representing Wales.

Both teams released a joint statement in support of the decision, emphasising the value placed on the Together Stronger ethos of collaboration across all Welsh teams – both on and off the pitch.

England and Ireland both implemented equal pay policies for their men's and women's teams in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Furthermore, Scotland's women's team recently launched legal action against the Scottish FA for equal pay and treatment claims, demanding a contract stipulating equal pay and improved resources for their teams.

This equal pay policy is an historic moment for Welsh football as it serves as an important reminder that sports equality is possible and achievable. Moreover, it sets a precedent for other sports associations to follow.

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