Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an avid Edinburgh and Scotland rugby supporter. Saturday was a sad day for Scottish rugby, as we lost one of our greatest and most admired players - Doddie Weir. We all knew it was coming, but as others have said, that doesn't take away the shock when it does happen. All the more so, as I was at the Scotland vs New Zealand match only two weeks ago, where Doddie was there to present the match ball and was warmly greeted by both teams.

Even if you are not a rugby supporter, I would expect many of you will have heard of Doddie, or the "mad giraffe", as another great, the late Bill McLaren, once called him. Sadly, Doddie contracted motor neuron disease (MND), six years ago, but he fought the disease and he fought for funding into research to find a cure, to the end. He always knew this would not lead to a cure in his lifetime, but his hope was that this would help future generations.

It is a fact of life that research into many diseases relies on charitable work and donations and through the "My Name'5 Doddie Foundation", he raised money, but perhaps more importantly recognition of the disease. The Foundation and his wishes will continue following his passing.

My firm, each year, donates to charities, instead of spending money on sending Christmas cards. This year, I will be advocating for a donation to be made to the "My Name'5 Doddie Foundation", as a small recognition of Doddie's inspiration and passion for finding a cure for MND. Farewell Doddie, but your work lives on.

"He didn't want people to forget about it - he's put himself out there for one reason - for MND to be understood by as many people as possible - and he's challenging governments now and has been quite rightly [wanting them] to stand by their words and put money in and take it forward".

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