The UK has committed to investing £110 million to support the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Green Recovery Platform, which aims to accelerate the development of green infrastructure in the ASEAN area. It is aimed at creating jobs in environmentally friendly sectors, including renewable energy generation, energy efficiency systems, and waste management, by unlocking US$7 billion in public and private financing. The UK recently became a Dialogue Partner of ASEAN, the first agreed by ASEAN in 25 years, and Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary is currently visiting SE Asia to boost ties with the UK, so there should be closer co-operation between the UK and ASIAN nations, particularly regarding new technologies.

The ten-nation block is now the world's fifth-largest economy, but lags behind (with the exception of Singapore) with regards to innovation compared to its neighbours in China, South Korea, and Japan. With the financing unlocked and new partnerships, there is a great deal of potential for exciting new technologies to come out of these growing economies, especially in view of the young, highly educated population. As someone who spends a lot of time in SE Asia, I look forward to seeing these new technologies in action first hand.

Four partners have collectively pledged $665 million toward a platform managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that aims to mobilize an additional $7 billion for low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia and accelerate the region's recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

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