Gordon gave his usual comprehensive review, backed by a thorough and extensive paper. The paper contains everything you need to know about patent law emerging from the courts in the UK in 2019, including:

  • an update on construction and infringement following the Supreme Court's judgment in Actavis v Eli Lilly;
  • a snapshot of the state of SEP/FRAND case law ahead of the Supreme Court's expected judgment in the Unwired Planet and Conversant cases;
  • the geographical reach of common general knowledge;
  • the Supreme Court's guidance on obviousness in Actavis v ICOS;
  • the direction of travel taken in respect of insufficiency for lack of plausibility and ambiguity/conceptual uncertainty;
  • developments in respect of pleadings, confidentiality and other procedural issues; and
  • the Supreme Court's guidance on employee inventor compensation in Shanks v Unilever.

Gordon also names the Judge of the Year for 2019, and shares his views on some of the current issues and trends in the patent world.

Take a look at Gordon's full annual review of 2019 patent cases.

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