This regular alert covers key regulatory EU developments related to the COVID-19 situation. It does not purport to provide an exhaustive overview of developments and contains no analysis or opinion.


Competition & State Aid

  • ?25 billion Pan-European Guarantee Fund deployed for the first time
  • EU approves new and amended Member State measures to support the economy

Trade / Export Controls

  • No noteworthy items for this issue

Medicines, Medical Devices, and Personal Protective Equipment

  • European Medicines Agency starts evaluation of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
  • Commission concludes exploratory talks with Valneva to secure an additional COVID-19 vaccine
  • Commission issues Notice in relation to medical devices, including temporary measures for remote audits for assessing quality management systems
  • European Commission grants conditional marketing authorization for Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection

  • European Medicines Agency pursues investigation of cyberattack

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