A start-up based in Cornwall is helping farmers use satellite data to manage their crops - even when the skies are cloudy.

Aspia Space has developed a patented algorithm which is trained to take cloud-piercing radar data from an EU satellite, Sentinel-1, and transform it into an optical image that mimics images produced by another satellite, Sentinel-2. Sentinel-2 views the ground using optical wavelengths, providing images that are much easier to understand than the radar data from Sentinel-1.

Aspia's innovative approach allows farmers to monitor their crops via satellite imagery throughout the growing season, even if the ground is obscured when the satellite passes over. Problems, such as drought or disease, can be spotted and dealt with much more quickly, thereby optimising crop yields.

Advances in satellite imaging and artificial intelligence are just some of the exciting ways in which cutting-edge technology is benefitting the agricultural sector. M&C's dedicated Agri-tech group brings together IP specialists with a range of expertise, to help ensure your Agri-IP is protected. 

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