Say hi to new bartenders Cecilia, Toni and Bruno. Say goodbye to short pours, long waits.  The AI robotic bar tender has arrived.  Yours for only £35,000, Cecilia can (apparently) have a conversation with you as you order your drink and then make it for you.  Don't expect her to fix all your problems as she listens while you prop up the bar for the evening though, for now at least.  She may not pass the Turing test (crudely whether a machine can pass as human) but a crowded bar late in the evening is likely to be one of the first places where people won't realise they aren't talking to a real person, and the developers of these new bartenders are aiming for exactly that.

For those who do prefer talking to a real person when ordering their drink, Wetherspoons (a UK pub chain) has confirmed that they will never go down this route...  

"Cecilia works on voice recognition and AI technology," says Elad Kobi, chief executive of the Israeli firm behind the technology - Cecilia.AI. "She can chat to customers, and when they choose a specific cocktail, she can make it, live."

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