Severin Pietri, Crowe MacKay's Director of Technology Consulting Services, was featured in Crowe UK's Mobility Mondays. The article focuses on simplifying the complexities many organizations and employees experience when managing global mobility through the integration of technology.

Technology and data is key to delivering global mobility.

In Severin's Mobility Monday's piece he discusses how there are many technological challenges faced in global mobility, outlining important areas of consideration. He shares how an organization should consider their access to different data sources, the conflicting requirements from data owners, regulatory limitations on harvesting and re-using data, amongst many others.

Cost and resourcing pressures are also discussed. Severin outlines several challenges here, including business case prioritization versus IT projects with higher ROI; resistance from IT due to increased running costs and resources needed; privacy considerations; and changes in business activities.

It is critical to understand your data universe and focus on achievable-operation oriented goals.

After discussing the challenges organization may face, Severin then begins to uncover how to navigate these problem areas and find solutions and avoid "investing heavily into an end-to-end solution." He shares strategies on how organizations can leverage technology to " enhance, streamline, and re-engineer their global mobility related processes," these include: dashboards that focus on action generating data; harvesting and redeploying data rather than maintaining new datasets; automation; and regulatory and privacy aspects.

Avoid the temptations of 'too good to be true' promises, and carefully negotiating legal grey areas should underpin your global mobility technology strategy.

For the full article, visit Crowe UK's Mobility Monday's page and find Severin Pietri's "Technology and Data" insight piece.

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