American tourists still hoping to be able to visit Europe have received good news from Brussels.  Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, has confirmed in an interview in The New York Times that the EU is suspending its ban on non-essential travel and all vaccinated American citizens are free to visit all 27 member states of the European Union during the course of the summer.  The fine detail involving vaccine certificates and how they will be used to demonstrate the immunity of US visitors and the fact that America uses European Medicines Agency-approved vaccines, enables the EU Commission to recommend the restoration of trans-Atlantic travel.

The EU's reversal of its travel policy may prove to bring more than just the benefit of a European holiday to American tourists.  Giambrone's astute Spanish lawyers in the real estate team have recognised that Spanish property market crash provides shrewd investors with the opportunity to add to their existing property portfolio or simply buy a keenly priced holiday home for future visits.  Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Spain welcomed millions of American tourists each year and now the vaccination programme in the US is now underway trans-Atlantic travel is set to continue.

Giambrone's Spanish immigration lawyers point out an additional benefit that an American investor can take up together with buying a property in Spain, the acquisition of a Golden Visa.  

Giorgio Guarneri, an associate in the Barcelona office, comments "a Golden Visa is granted to foreign investors choosing to invest in Spain. Purchasing real estate is one of the soundest long term investments to make. The present depressed Spanish property market provides a small window of opportunity," Giorgio continued "a Golden Visa brings with it the significant additional benefit of granting freedom of movement across Europe's Schengen area, which means the holder of a Golden Visa is no longer obliged to make constant visa applications when visiting countries in Europe."

Giambrone's well-regarded Spanish lawyers have assisted a vast number of foreign clients with both property purchase and visa applications and are highly experienced at ensuring that from the onset both types of transaction are well-founded and based on reliable valid supporting documentation to ensure that there are no foreseeable issues that may derail the purchase or application.  All our lawyers are English speaking and can keep you updated in your own language.

Another important advantage Golden Visa brings is that the main applicant's spouse, their younger children as well as older children who are economically dependent on the applicant are also able to be included in the application.

Giorgio further remarked "there is no obligation for a Golden Visa holder to live in Spain for a lengthy period of time each year.  In 2015 there was a modification of the Golden Visa Law, stating that now it is not even mandatory for investors to spend one day in Spain during the Golden Viisa validity. Their eligibility for renewals will not be affected."

The trail of economic depression brought about by the measures that governments were forced to take due to the coronavirus pandemic will be short-lived as countries across the globe vigorously strive to re-build their economies. Giambrone's lawyers acknowledge that the investment opportunities will be transient and only individuals with vision and agility will take swift action to take advantage of the current situation and therefore our lawyers have taken time to prepare a range of procedures to enable real estate purchases and visa applications to be managed with the greatest of efficiency.

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