The 2012 Deloitte survey of annual reports 'Joined up writing' is a comprehensive survey of listed company annual reports. It gives a clear view of the current regulatory focus, what is happening in the world of corporate reporting and better practice guidance for annual reports. It also provides a perspective on how much the field of annual reporting has changed over the years.

New for 2012

  • an interactive pdf of the survey with enhanced functionality and links to useful information;
  • identification of current hotspots in narrative and financial reporting;
  • what the future holds - a round up of the latest initiatives to improve corporate reporting; 
  • more examples of better practices and tips on improving annual reports;
  • an interactive highlights document, which can be viewed on PCs and iPads; and
  • a mini survey on IFRS 8 disclosures;

The survey of 130 listed companies, split between investment trusts and other companies includes a review of:

  • how compliance with the disclosure requirements of the Companies Act 2006, the Listing Rules, the Disclosure and Transparency Rules and the the UK Corporate Governance Code varied;
  • how well listed companies 'tell the story' of their financial position and performance;
  • the business review, including principal risks and uncertainties and key performance indicators, as well as commentary on the overall cohesiveness of annual reports; and
  • which critical judgements and key estimations directors consider to be the most significant.

It is aimed primarily at:

  • FDs and FCs of public companies; and
  • non-executive directors, including Audit Committee members, of listed companies, who may be interested in narrative and financial reporting issues.

Video introduction

Veronica Poole, National Head of Accounting and Corporate Reporting, introduces the new annual reporting survey 'Joined up writing'.


  Joined up writing - The highlights, 2MB, PDF

Joined up writing - Surveying annual reports (High resolution) 11.9 MB, PDF *This file may take several minutes to download depending on your internet connection.

Joined up writing - Surveying annual reports (Low resolution) 4.8 MB, PDF

Pieces of eight - Surveying IFRS 8 disclosures 540 KB, PDF

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