Defra has released updated farm business income figures for England, which show an increase in profitability for most sectors.

Defra has released updated farm business income figures for England. They show the profitability of different farm types for the 2011/12 year (February to February). These figures update those that were published in January. There are considerable changes from the provisional figures and major changes from last year's figures. With the exception of specialist poultry, the figures for all sectors have increased since the provisional numbers were released, some substantially, such as the general cropping, which is almost 20% higher.

Comparing 2011/12 with the previous year, there is a wide range of changes in performance. The figures shown in the table are in real terms (taking account of inflation). They show sector performances improving, led by lowland grazing livestock (43%), upland grazing livestock (30%) and dairy farming (25%), but a fall in performance of the general cropping (-14%), specialist pigs (-18%) and poultry a considerable -42%. Overall, profitability is seen to have been 9% higher last year than the previous year. The full release can be found on

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