As a keen, but slow, runner I am very aware that running is a great way to unwind after a stressful day. The benefits of running have been recognised by many people during the pandemic, and they can be as much mental as they are physical. Therefore it is great to see that ASICS has launched a virtual World Ekiden event (10-22 November) in which teams of six complete a marathon distance together, in support of the mental health charity Mind. This in turn is being linked to a global study of the uplifting effect of movement on the mind.  Marks & Clerk are entering a team and I can't wait to get running.


I've spent time in both Japan and Kenya, two great running nations, and although they're incredibly different from one another, one of the things they share is a belief in the power of the group. I think that's a really valuable lesson: that getting together with other people makes running easier and more fun. If you want to improve as a runner, getting with a group is so beneficial. Both Kenyan and Japanese runners recognise this.

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