Key Points

  • Updated inbound vaccination policy  
  • Updated U.S. traveler entrance requirements


Beginning 22 Nov. 2021, the UK government will implement the following travel policy changes: 

  • The inbound vaccination policy will be expanded to include proof of vaccine certification from 15 additional countries and territories
  • All travelers under the age of 18 arriving from non-red list countries and territories will be treated as fully vaccinated, regardless of their actual vaccination status. As such, they will be exempt from self-isolation requirements on arrival and certain testing requirements; 
  • U.S. travelers will no longer be required to provide proof of U.S. residency when proving their fully vaccinated status with a U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued vaccination certificate;
    • The following U.S. state issued certificate solutions will also be accepted as proof of vaccination: 
      • New York Excelsior Pass Plus; 
      • California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record;
      • Washington State WA Verify

What are the Changes? 

The government of the UK has introduced several changes to its international travel policy, including expanding accepted vaccination certificates and easing travel requirements for travelers from the U.S.

Originally published 23 November, 2021

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