Since 2021, it has been possible to enjoy games as part of your Netflix subscription. With more users looking to fulfil all of their content needs in one place, Netflix Games is making use of its popular IPs by having them cross over into the world of games, with the likes of a Queen's Gambit Chess and Love is Blind.

But what are the challenges associated with rights management and content quality of using those IP's?

Erik Rõuk, Marks & Clerk Trade Mark Associate, recently sat down with PocketGamer.Biz to share his leading expertise on the potential IP concerns around the streaming giant's future in gaming. Within this piece, Erik also discusses the territorial nature of Netflix's IP rights, the changes taking place and the growing trends in the wider multimillion-dollar gaming market.

'Even though Netflix may own rights concerning the production of the series and delivery of streaming services, this does not necessarily guarantee that conflicts would not arise when it expands its offering to new areas, such as gaming. Due diligence considerations would require the platform to clear its IP rights, such as trademarks, before launching new products, potentially leading to an infringement risk if earlier rights subsist with other parties in the sector.'

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