In September, the government announced a manifesto-breaking tax increase that would fund social care reforms and solve the NHS backlog caused by COVID. Across the care sector, the news has generally been met with a positive response but it just simply won't address the multitude of problems left behind after the pandemic.

BLM's expert, Jennifer Johnston has spoken to Tomorrow's Care  to discuss the announcement and what it really means for a sector that it at breaking point.

She said, "The announcement does not address that almost 150,000 employees left the care sector during COVID-19. The adequacy and cost of care provided to those in need is perhaps the best documented challenge out of the pandemic but support and attention also needs to be given to the sector's workforce. Members of staff have dealt with a demanding and emotionally turbulent year on the frontline and the number of employees that have left the industry is only exacerbated by the impact of Brexit and the availability of foreign care workers."

You can read Jennifer's complete article here, on the Tomorrow's Care website.

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