The BBC's recently aired documentary series "In Scam City: Money,Mayhem and Maseratis" which featured an interview with Joanna Bailey, an associate in Giambrone's banking and financial litigation team,  has resulted in a considerable number of individuals approaching Giambrone having suffered large financial losses in fraudulent investments; including a group of defrauded investors who approached Joanna, after seeing her BBC interview, following their loss of significant funds in an investment club, Currency Club IIMM.  The former members of Currency Club IIMM are hoping that Joanna and the expert banking and financial litigation team will be able to assist them to recover their money. The former members of the investment club believed that an investment club provided a greater degree of security, a view that proved to be disastrously wrong.

Giambrone's banking and financial litigation team have already learned a considerable amount about Currency Club IIMM, its founders and the various alternative entities that were also created, for example, Club IIMM, IIMM International.  Our lawyers are currently considering the merits of bringing a civil action on behalf of the defrauded investors aimed at recovering their lost funds.  Giambrone has a well-deserved reputation of recovering money for defrauded investors through mounting class actions targeted at the fraudsters and their assets. 

A class action can be a highly successful method of clawing back money lost in fraudulent investment schemes, providing sufficient people join the action it makes plain to the court that they have been deliberately targeted in a cynical attempt to extract money using repeated well-rehearsed practices, as opposed to having simply been unlucky with a poor choice of investments.  A class-action is infinitely more affordable as it spreads the cost between the complainants.  Giambrone has enjoyed some notable successes, recently having successfully won an international class-action amounting to $1.5 million. 

Giambrone has also assisted both regulators and investigating authorities in the successful apprehensive of investment fraudsters and regularly lobbies regulators in various jurisdictions in an attempt to force action against investment fraudsters.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have suffered losses due to Currency Club IIMM.  Your enquiry will be treated in confidence and we can outline our proposed course of action.  For the further assistance of victims of Currency Club IIMM Giambrone will be holding a free live webinar for all the former members, with a presentation by Gabriele Giambrone, the managing partner with Joanna Bailey, explaining the merits of a class action, the strategy that our lawyers have developed with regard to the best approach to retrieving the victims' funds lost to Currency Club IIMM together with a Q & A.

The founders and principals of Club IIMM appear to have a history of investment fraud and our webinar will also provide a checklist of things to look out for that may signal a fraud.  Victims of investment fraud are frequently targeted again but in a different way; the fraudsters are fully aware of their victims' dire financial situation and reappear with what can appear to be a solution to their financial problems.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.