'Good Divorce Week' is often aptly described as a misnomer because after all, who ever has a 'Good Divorce'? Certainly not those couples affected by delays in our over-burdened courts. Recent statistics published by HM Courts and Tribunal Service revealed a backlog of over 110,000 cases in the family courts, with cases taking on average almost a year to complete.

But perhaps there can be a 'better divorce' for those facing the emotional, practical and financial impact of relationship breakdown in the future. It remains true that some separating couples need and deserve assistance of the sort that only the court can provide. We excel in that arena. But there are several non-court options which may suit other couples and one of them is our award-winning service, Uncouple. So this year, we are joining others in promoting Good Divorce Week in order to raise awareness of all of the different ways families can resolve their disputes away from court.

Having conversations and negotiations about the future when a relationship breaks down, especially in a balanced and safe way is a tall order. Putting children at the forefront of thos

Sometimes, court protections need to be put in place. But there are many alternatives to court, including negotiation between solicitors, retaining one solicitor to work with a couple, seeking neutral evaluations of outcome, mediation, family arbitration. These options are available through Uncouple. Collaborative law is another non-court choice.

What many clients need for a better divorce to reach a workable outcome about the future of the family, the children, the finances, is a holistic approach: that means having the framework (whether in court or outside it, whether with two lawyers or one, whether with a mediator or arbitrator); the expertise; the resources; and the team to support and guide them to a solution which works best for them and their family. Each couple, each family, each client is unique and we always start by exploring with our clients what's going to suit them best, whether that's Uncouple or litigation or collaborative law.

A better or even good divorce can be achieved for separating couples through an integrated, wrap-around holistic service and support on separation, often all under one roof.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.