The BMW Group was found to be the world's most reputable company in a global reputation study conducted by the Reputation Institute (RI).

The annual study looked to measure the reputation of the world's 100 most highly regarded and familiar global companies – the RI interviewed 61,000 consumers across 15 countries.

BMW Group scored 78.98 overall on a scale of 0-100 based on questions measuring trust, admiration & respect, good feeling and overall esteem.

According to the RI, BMW Group has been most successful at exporting its strong reputation from Germany to Russia, Australia, Italy and the UK. In addition, opportunities for future reputation enhancements lie in Brazil, India, China, Mexico, and especially Korea.

Bill McAndrews, Vice President for Communications Strategy at BMW Group, put its success down to innovation: 'The BMW Group as a whole is an innovation driver. That's the basis for everything we do. Our job as communicators is to create platforms or channels which promote contact not only with our products, but also with experts within the company. We are reaching out directly to the various stakeholders in the markets.'

Google and Daimler were found to be the second and third most reputable companies respectively worldwide.

In comparison, the year before in 2014, The Walt Disney Company was the most reputable, with Google and BMW Group in second and third places respectively.

BMW Group also topped the list of most reputable companies in Europe, followed by Lego and Sony in second and third places respectively.

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