On 27 April, members of our Forensic Technical Services' structures team presented the technical and practical aspects of their involvement in construction disputes. We highlighted four key phases of the structural engineering expert's role and hope to foster a lively discussion of how and why structural engineering advice and evidence can be used in a dispute context.

  • Analyse: the role of the structural engineer
  • Communicate: turning complex ideas into clear, concise reporting
  • Articulate: the challenges of joint meetings and cross-examination for an engineer
  • Collaborate: a speaker from HKA's delay team discusses the value of technical input

The panel was moderated by Helen Collie, Partner, and included Panos Rousakis, Senior Engineer, Jon Bird, Technical Director, Philip Ebbatson, Technical Director, Konstantinos Lytos, Director, and Sarah Keyte, Associate Technical Director and Digital Lead (BIM).

Below are the timestamps in which our experts began speaking:

Panos Rousakis on "The Role of the structural engineer": 4:06

Jon Bird on "Turning complex ideas into clear, concise reporting": 14:31

Philip Ebbatson on "The challenges of joint meetings and cross examination": 27:54

Sarah Keyte and Konstantinos Lytos on "The value of technical input in delay disputes": 41:26

Questions from audience: 54:20

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