On 25 October 2021 the UK Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA") announced the opening of a Market Investigation into Motorola's Airwave Network. This is a mobile radio network used by emergency services across the UK to communicate.

The announcement follows a CMA consultation which was published in July 2021. The CMA listed a number of concerns about Motorola's role as both owner of the current network and a key supplier for the roll-out of the planned new Emergency Services Network.

After reviewing responses to the consultation, the CMA indicated that it still had concerns that the market was not functioning properly, and are therefore launching a full Market Investigation. Andrea Coscelli, CMA Chief Executive, stated that the CMA is "concerned that Motorola could be cashing in on its position, leaving taxpayers to cover the cost" and that the CMA is now referring the matter for a Market Investigation so it can "thoroughly examine these concerns and, if necessary, take action to address any problems."

You can find out more on the CMA case page, or read their press release here.

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