One of the many problems facing a person who has had an accident abroad is judging the consequences of the accident and its effect on you for the future. Often, if an individual has an accident such as a fall that does not result in a major injury, they are quick to downplay the seriousness; especially if they can, to some degree, carry on with the holiday. However, sometimes what appears to be a minor accident can have serious repercussions in the future. There is a time limit with regard to how long after the event you can start a claim for compensation.

The laws around making compensation claims can differ from country to country; very often you can still make a claim from the time you discover that you receive a medical diagnosis indicating that your injury is far from trivial and will have a considerable impact on you. If you find yourself facing the possibility of an on-going deteriorating condition resulting from your accident some time after the accident occurred it is imperative that you seek advice from legal experts, particularly as your claim may require expert witness opinion, tracing witness for supporting evidence and obtaining medical reports from the time of the accident all of which will take time. Liability for an accident can be surprisingly complicated in some instances, what appears to be a straightforward matter can sometimes turn into a convoluted muddle of blame, negligence and vicarious liability.

Giambrone's experienced lawyers in our offices overseas not only assist and advise individuals who require representation in court for their compensation claim but they also regularly assist in negotiations with the foreign insurers, with the opposition lawyers for out-of-court settlements and sometimes directly with the organisations that are deemed to be culpable. Our lawyers' language capacity and of course their knowledge of the culture and the way of negotiating in the various countries is invaluable.

Accurate legal advice and the right approach to ensure that your compensation claim gets off to the right start with nothing to impede or delay your case will give you the best opportunity of a successful result. Giambrone can advise you as to the best option for compensation in the event of there being more than one culpable person or organisation involved in the accident, depending on what actually happened. We can negotiate your settlement whilst ensuring that you fully understand the implications, risks and consequences of accepting out-of-court offers as opposed to going the distance and embarking on court action in a foreign jurisdiction.

Our lawyers will fight hard for you and assist and support you through the process from the start to the final conclusion.

We are experienced in getting the best out of a bad situation.

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